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News Wrap 23 December 2004

News Wrap 23 December 2004

Our first News Wrap since September comes after a recent upsurge in blog related stories and possibly the fact that we are all too busy enjoying Christmas activities!.
The Democrats presidential wannabes get a good run as usual with Commom Dreams looking at the influence of blogs in the Clark and Dean campaigns, along with the Contra Costa Times (Dean), and the NY Times, who compares Dean to Napster.
Dave Sifry of Technorati gets a good run from Dan Gillmour at, and even a better peice at the Mercury News
Anick Jesdanun complains of information overload at Daily, in a article not directly related to blogging, but in which he describes bloggers as “web journalists”
Slashdot gets a run at LinuxWorld, although the Linux server was down when we went to read the article
and last but not least a Santa Blog gets a plug at the Deseret News.

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