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Nifty new Gmail feature: customizable ‘From:’ address

Nifty new Gmail feature: customizable ‘From:’ address

A little quiet in the blogosphere today as all everyone wants to talk about is Google Talk, but there’s a new feature in Gmail that will come in handy for bloggers using the service, or not using it because they cant use their own domain’s email address: the ability to set up a customizable ‘From:’ address.

You can now send emails from Gmail with your own off-Gmail email address. For example my [email protected] email is forwarded to my Gmail account, but previously I’ve had to respond to email’s received with my gmail address as the sending email. Now I can send email back out, from within Gmail using my address and not my gmail one. The closest comparison that can be made is the same argument as owning your own domain name: you can move service providers but you still own the domain.

Details on how to set it up are available from Gmail help here.

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  • Hmm… I noticed this feature a few days ago, but now it seems to have disappeared?

    Or to be more accurate… I can still use alternate addresses but I can’t add to or change the ones I use. The settings seem to have disappeared from Gmail!

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  • hmm. i just noticed that this feature is only available if you have set your language to english (us)

  • Yup – we noticed that too – it seems that some of the “new features” are only available if you pretend to be American English, rather than English (or Australian) English

  • You need to use English (US) to set the feature up, but if you then switch to English (UK), you can still use the feature.

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