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No Bullshit.. Web 2.0

No Bullshit.. Web 2.0

Jeremy Wright posts his definition of Web 2.0, which is very closely aligned with my own.

There’s way too much bullshit associated with this whole Web 2.0 thing.. and the scariest part of it is how the old terms about how making money isn’t important keeping coming around… that it’s about eyeballs and traffic.

And that’s just utter bullshit.

It’s about making money.. and about being profitable.. and about doing it because you love doing it....

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Otherwise, go home, and take your toys with you.

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  • “profitable online businessesâ€? who’d a thought – a voice of reason!

    “customer, products and revenue” – Shit, Matt – are we starting to wake up from our collective daze and realize that even the internet (blogosphere, web2.0 etc.,) is OMG like a real business.

    Oooh, this will make a great column. ;)

  • Yeah.. very true. Internet, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and all those jargons.. all need to be like real businesses or they will fail. Bubble burst or no burst.

    With no business plan, waiting to get acquired and building solutions for the problem which never existed, is not Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is indeed making profitable business which can pay their bills, and be a source of income to people associated with it.

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