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Note to Jason Calacanis: enough already!

Note to Jason Calacanis: enough already!

A quick (open) note to AOL employee and Weblogs Inc., CEO Jason Calacanis: enough already with the posts about how yet another Weblogs Inc., blog has been featured on an AOL page somewhere. We know that you sold Weblogs Inc., to AOL and we know that that’s cool, but having to read yet another blog entry with a picture of a Weblogs Inc., blog featured on an AOL page is not cool. Period :-)

Want to make it interesting? tell us what the traffic is like off the AOL pages!

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  • no doubt! what’s with these horn tooters and tire pumpers all over the place. between darren rose and jason calcanis there’s enough girth measuring going on to make anyone sick.

  • I agree totally. I may stop reading Jason’s Blog if it does not stop. Its like one of your neighbors bragging all the time about what they bought new.


    Just wanted to let you know that I just started a blog review blog, and I liked this blog a lot so I reviewed it. I gave you a 4.8/5.0. I am taking it slow, and I had to get a thick skin already.

    You know I just noticed tonight that the pic of the guy in a wig on your sidebar is Darren. Boy was I slow on that one.


  • hey… i’m just trying to fill folks in on what we’re doing. I use my blog to communicate with our 130 bloggers and management team first and foremost…. so, those folks want to know what’s going on.

    sorry if it seems promotional, but my personal blog is about what i’m working on/doing!

    you want me to blog about something else just post a comment with a question, etc.

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