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Offline for a little while

Offline for a little while

I jinxed myself yesterday when I made fun of people in cold climates, because it’s hotter @ Blog Herald HQ today and because of the heat my old computer gave up the ghost this morning. It runs but decides to reboot itself every 10 minutes or so (when its about 37 Celcius in your home office these things sort of happen) so I’m now typing away on the new computer I’ve just gone and bought that I couldn’t really afford because The Blog Herald hasn’t sold yet…sorry folks it wasn’t a Mac, but given I’ve gotten as far as installing Firefox on it I’m going to be offline for a little while whilst I try to reinstall 7 years worth of software. We also now won’t have a fence at our new house for some time….I’m typing on the fence money :-(

On another note, I had Chartreuse’s article read out to me this morning over the phone. Cant’ say I disagree with a lot of it… :-(

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  • Jesus, 37c? (That’s 98.6f for those of us who refuse to convert.) That’s normal body temperature.

    Duncan, there’s these great new inventions called air conditioners. I know they’ve got them in your neck of the woods… They take hot air, and turn it cold!

    Don’t know about there, but around here we can get a small one that fits in the window and will keep three rooms around 24.5c during the heat of the day, for around $80 – $90 USD.

    Eh, just a thought.

    Then again, if you need an excuse to buy a new computer… =)

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