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Om discovers scraper sites

Om discovers scraper sites

You’d think that a smart and well known blogger like Om Malik would know about scraper sites….but apparently he didn’t, and woke up on Christmas Day to find someone was stealing his content. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: PARTIAL FEEDS do the trick in 99% of the cases. Sure, you lose Scoble as a reader, but what’s more important?

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  • Hmm. Which one is more important? Scoble brings lots of attention and can drive a lot of traffic from new interested people to your website who may come back for more if you have something intelligent to say. Scraper sites *get no traffic* and tend to disappear quickly causing little real damage. Meanwhile, partial feeds treat *all* your readers like criminals, rather than recognizing it’s just a few bad parties who are unlikely to cause any real problems.

    Seems like full text feeds make a lot more sense to me, based on your own question. :)

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