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Optimizing Google+ Posts For Offsite SEO

Optimizing Google+ Posts For Offsite SEO

Google PlusThere have been a lot of jokes made at Google’s expense when it comes to Google+. While the social network may not have the mass appeal of Facebook, Twitter, and other competitors, it does offer a practical and worthwhile path along the paved road to SEO success.


Have you noticed the number of posts on that now feature Google Authorship? Every time you see a post with an authors name attached and their picture you are witnessing the start of Google+ SEO magic.


Getting started with Google+ optimization for SEO is simple and surprisingly not time consuming in the least. 

Use Your Keywords


When you post a URL to Google+ a link will show to your article and above that link you can write a post update. In the update section you should introduce the article in 1-2 sentences while focusing on your keyword. For example, if your article keyword is “proper SEO” you might write: “Proper SEO practices are hard to master, here is an article that explains search engine optimization in easy to understand terms.


Link To Your Actual URL, Not A URL Shortener

There is absolutely no reason you need to use a URL shortener with Google+ since you can write in the post update window for far more than 140 characters. If you are going to use the full URL for your article make the URL look pretty. WordPress users can change the permalink structure below their titles. The general rule of thumb is to use a URL that has your keyword right at the start of the title and the start of the URL. Combining your keyword in the description, in the title and in the URL will show search engines what to look for.

Get Added To Google+ Circles

During my current days as the editor of a large scale online content company I have learned one thing to be true about Google+ authorship. People with thousands of circle connections seem to rank better for a lot of terms. Since more people are likely to share your content you are likely to receive authoritative rankings for semantic searches. Don’t spam people but create engaging content and maybe even put your Google+ follow button below articles on your personal websites.


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Authoritative ranking has swept through the socially semantic web and you can take advantage of that movement. If you write about Coca Cola be sure to tag the company’s brand page via Google+. If you write about a person, city or other data do the same. You are more likely to receive authoritative mentions if you religiously tag your Google+ posts. This is also a great way to earn yourself more Google+ Circle inclusions.


Search engines will not publicize your private posts and therefore make sure your website posts are placed via a “Public” posting and not to one of your circles. Public posts mean more exposure by a larger audience and therefore the higher possibility of your post being shared and crawled by search bots.

Companies like White Chalkroad Road SEO offer other ways you can get your social search into the hands of the people you want to see it. For example, paid advertising campaigns on social networks can hyper-target users.

Essentially the trick with Google+ is to not over think the SEO involved. To be success with Google’s social network you simple need to find your keyword and use it responsibly in posts to your followers.

Be sure to link your Google Plus profile to your articles and soon you should start to see the positive effects of your efforts.

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