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Perforamancing for Firefox launched: plugin of the year?

Perforamancing for Firefox launched: plugin of the year?

Nick Wilson at Performancing has announced the launch of Performancing for Firefox, a Firefox plugin that allows you to easily post to any of your blogs from within what is essentially a small pop-up/ split screen within Firefox. Unlike other 3rd party blogging tools its all inline, its quick (you click on a small icon on the bottom right hand side of Firefox and it pops straight up), and is seemingly system independent (although naturally you need Firefox). Posting is in WYSWIG, and unlike other tools its simple to setup and categories are fully supported. I’m writing this post using it, and although it feels a little strange at first (I’ve always posted from within WordPress) I’ve got to say it coud easily change the way I blog. First and foremost it will allow me to post to ANY of my blogs content or items of interest as I find them, where as now I tend to have multiple tabs open and then return to post about various items at each blog.

What can I say other than why didn’t I think of this, and bloody brilliant. Congrats to Nick and the Performancing team. Coverage also at Problogger and Micro Persuasion.

Download available from Performancing here.

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Update: perhaps I was a little to enthusiastic, because there is one thing this plugin lacks that I would really need to use it with all my blogs, at that’s the ability to do Technorati Tags. I’ve emailed Nick with the suggestion and hopefully they’ll include it in a later update. I’ll still be using it regularly, but I wont be with blogs that I use tags with heavily. Come to think of it, a spell checker wouldn’t go astray either.

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  • It is an excellent plugin, but I don’t the one of the year.

    They have taken a great idea and made it happen, but for power bloggers it’s missing a few key features. You mentioned a couple of them, but table support, image handling and url aliases would be cool.

    This is not a ding on the extension … far from it. It’s just to show they have created the platform for making the perfect blog author program. It is fantastic!

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