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Petition to save Oddjack

Petition to save Oddjack

PuppiesAs reported yesterday, Nick Denton of Gawker Media has signed the death warrant for the gambling blog Oddjack. Now, I must admit I’m not a regular reader of the blog, although I am an occasional punter, but putting a blog down is similar to putting puppies down in my book, particularly when the site has a PR of 6 and could probably go on to better and bigger things in the hands of others.

So here it is: The petition to save Oddjack.

We realise that in fast paced New York that Nick doesn’t always have time to be fortunate to the less needy, or successful in society, which is why this petition calls upon Nick to save Oddjack by selling it:

To: Nick Denton

We, collective members of the blogosphere, call upon Nick Denton to not put to sleep the Oddjack Weblog, but instead offer the blog for sale so that it may live on in other hands, so that it may have the opportunity to thrive.

The Undersigned

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I’m not sure I’m in the market myself to buy it, but certainly I’d be willing to put together interested bloggers into a collective group to buy it should Nick relent and show some humanity on the matter.

Make sure you sign the petition and save a blog from death!

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  • Why do you care? OddJack sucked from day one and kept on sucking. There are plenty of blogs about gambling so why is one supported by the great Nick Denton so special?

  • Don’t worry, duncan, this blog failure does not reflect poorly on the bloggosphere in genereal. They didn’t get many things right with that blog – even the name sucks.

    The design is pretty, i’ll give um that, but there is no character to that blog – no life. If you scrape the site for the CSS or even just ask them for the template, I think you will have salvaged the best piece of that blog.

    PR 6? Yea – but only becasue it’s part of Gawker.

  • apparently it’s been sold. or something. i don’t know. whoever’s writing it now hasn’t figured out they’re breaking the design. nor have they said who they are. i mean, that’s kind of weird, right?

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