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Phone-Cam Blogging: the next big thing?

Phone-Cam Blogging: the next big thing?

In a month where the Royal Surf Life Saving Association of Australia moved to ban mobile phones in change rooms for the fear of voyeuristic nokia welding perverts, Time Magazine in the US reports that Phone-Cam Blogs could well be the next big thing.

Apparently US telcos are getting in on the act with AT&T Wireless and Sprint PCS offering password-protected online photo albums for up to US $15 a month to customers with phone cams. Other services, such as, allow people to create public phone-cam blogs for free.

Far be it from this editor to have a dirty mind but you can see the porn providers rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of having a potential camera crew of millions of snap happy mobile phone users reading to submit content from a beach, public toilet or locker room near you.

Digital photography and photo-blogs are a popular past time and well represented in the Blogosphere, and it would be fair to say that phone-cam blogging, given low costs, should be quick to follow in these footsteps.

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Thinking ahead to the future, with launches in Japan, Hong Kong, the UK and Australia of 3G Mobile services, that if phone-cam blogging is gaining interest, I will be writing in 2 to 3 years on phone-video blogging. Only time will tell, but I know that I can’t wait to get 3G coverage and my latest useless mobile gadget.

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  • There are some cel phone companies in Brazil, where I live, which are concerned about the mobile blogs.
    Here you can see a example:

    If someone want to share some informations about moblogs with me, please, send me a e-mail.



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