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Photobloggers Find Permanence in Pages of Full-Color Photography Magazine

Photobloggers Find Permanence in Pages of Full-Color Photography Magazine

San Francisco couple Derek and Heather Powazek Champ have launched JPG Magazine, targeting photobloggers who also want to offer their work in print.

The magazineis being published using Lulu, an on-demand publishing tool that offers full-color, print on demand paperbacks.

Photographers can submit photos to the JPG Magazine web site for consideration. The Powazeks, then lay out the magazine and upload the files to Lulu, and set the price for each issue.

“For us, Lulu was the perfect solution. They handle all the boring business parts (printing, shipping, billing), which frees up to concentrate on the fun part – making a magazine we love,” explains Derek Powazek. “The other thing we like about Lulu is that they share our interest in online communities, which is what the Internet is really about. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the magazine and the feedback we’ve received.”

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The first edition of JPG Magazine showcases 31 photographers interpretations of the word ‘Origin,’ and each subsequent edition will also focus on a theme. One image in the first issue captures a newborn’s startled expression as he takes his first breath; another captures the crispness of the sky seconds before sunset. There is also an interview with Emilie Valentine, possibly the first photoblogger, as well as a special spread by featured photographer Noah Grey. Plans call for JPG Magazine to be printed quarterly through Lulu. The Powazeks are currently accepting submissions for the next edition under the theme ‘Lost.’

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  • hey….how can i send my contributions for review!?…im really much interested but im yet that professional still on the beginners lounge..but hopefully ill make it for some considerations…please send me some infos on where can i send some photos..thanks

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