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Problogger turns 1

Problogger turns 1

Duncan Riley> These days it seems as though Darren Rowse’s has been around for ever (so much so I even went into business with Darren), but it hasn’t, and today is’s 1st birthday. Darren’s copped a lot of criticism in some quarters in the past 12 months, his Slashdotting comes to mind, but through it all Darren has retained a dignified composure and an open willingness to share his thoughts, dreams, and probably most importantly to many, his idea’s and concepts as to how to make a quid from blogging that for many a mere mortal, including myself, provides a template on what we should aim for, not only in terms of blogging dollars, but in terms of being a damn fine human being as well.

It’s not easy being open and honest about what you are doing, particularly when you’re making a really good living from it. The tall poppy syndrome is not only an unfortunate characteristic of the Australian psyche, but as I’ve learnt in the last year, its an international phenomenon as well.

So Happy Birthday Darren and, and may there be many more.

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  • Yep, the tall poppy syndrome is quite bad in Australia and has been a sad national trait long before I was even born (we simply like to shoot down people who have made a major success of themselves) – I don’t really think it’s the same overseas – that’s simply more to do with complete and utter jealousy/envy

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