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Professional Development Courses You Should Take to Succeed as a Blogger

Professional Development Courses You Should Take to Succeed as a Blogger

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To excel in the profession of a blogger, you must undertake courses that will allow you to develop essential blogging skills. At first glance, you may think that being a blogger will only require writing and literacy skills, however, to become successful in monetising your blog, you will need to acquire abundant skills to manage and promote your blog.

Out of all the development courses that are offered, you are still rather unsure of which are necessary to enrol in. Which courses are critical to maximising your blogging potential?

Here are 5 professional development courses that you should take to succeed as a blogger.

1. Diploma of Website Development (ICT50615) – Upskilled

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An effective way of increasing the value to your blog is refining your web development skills, specifically by learning coding languages. Enrol in web development courses through Upskilled to learn programs such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This is useful as coding allows you to alter the layout, design and structure of your blog to your own preference, as well as edit the text and images. Consider design ideas by observing other businesses’ websites and blogs and examine which designs you resonate well with and draw influence to incorporate into your own blog. Coding languages will also assist in drawing greater traffic to your site.

2. Creative Writing Course – University of Sydney

One of the most critical skills to become a successful blogger is your ability to write. Your readers initially come across your blog owing to the content that is written, so you must ensure that the content is engaging and relatable to your target audience. Develop your creative flair and style to effectively convey your voice through your work. The University of Sydney offers a Creative Writing Course over six 2hr sessions conducted by an experienced professional writer. The course is based on a model that allows participants to refine their structure, pace, characterisation and editing within their work.

3. SEO Training Course – HubSpot Academy

An essential aspect of blogging is being able to monetise your content. It is also beneficial to learn to use SEO by optimising blog content. Use specific keywords in your titles, descriptions and within content to earn a higher ranking in Google search engines. You can also use links that will direct readers back to your blog to gain traction. Enrol in HubSpot’s SEO Training Course to attain a greater understanding of ways to effectively market your blog and maximise profits as a result.

4. Social Media Analytics – quintly

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It is highly critical to be proficient in social media as a blogger to promote your blogs and gaining a following so that you will receive accumulated traction on your website. The high shareability of social media allows for greater virality of your posts that are linked to your blog, which will allow you to increase traffic back to your blog. Use social media tools such as  Facebook Business Manager and Google Analytics to analyse traffic on your posts, where you can allocate paid promotions accordingly. Boost posts that are performing well and ensure that you are promoting to readers that are within your target market. quintly’s Social Media Analytics course allows you to attain a comprehensive proficiency in managing and capitalising social media posts.

5. Australian College Certificate of Editing and Publishing (EP)

A key requirement for a blogger is the ability to edit and proofread their work. This will be highly time efficient, as this minimises the errors that your editor needs to alter prior to publishing your article. Take an editing and publishing course through the Australian College to acquire skills for grammar, punctuation and word usage as well as technological skills for editing and proofreading.

With the increase in the numbers of freelancers, copywriters and influencers, blogging is becoming increasingly competitive, where skill progression is the key to success. Which professional development courses will you be taking?

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