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PubSub and Cymfony team up to offer Blog Search Data for Critical Marketing and Business Intelligence

PubSub and Cymfony team up to offer Blog Search Data for Critical Marketing and Business Intelligence

PubSub has announced an agreement with Cymfony, where PubSub will provide targeted content for Cymfony Orchestra dashboard clients using PubSub’s prospective search technology. In addition to terms announced today, PubSub and Cymfony plan to develop industry and target segment analysis products.

Under the terms of the deal, Cymfony will license PubSub’s prospective search subscription services for use in Cymfony Orchestra, the first comprehensive market intelligence dashboard application that automatically monitors and analyzes mainstream media (MSM) and consumer-generated media (CGM) under one converged Web-based service platform.

Cymfony clients will receive unlimited access to blogs and other non-traditional information sources via PubSub’s prospective search engine through Cymfony’s application interface. PubSub’s prospective search technology instantly notifies users as soon as the search terms they have subscribed to are mentioned. PubSub constantly monitors blogs and syndicated web sites for matches to users’ subscriptions and delivers matching results in real-time.

Orchestra automatically monitors, benchmarks and analyzes MSM and CGM in the form of blogs, online forums, usenet groups, and other types of social media. By integrating PubSub’s prospective search subscriptions into their platform, Cymfony customers will receive additional access to blog and non-traditional content to help them gain market intelligence to make critical business decisions. The easy-to-use dashboard will capture and analyze PubSub’s content to provide in-depth and dynamic insight into consumer preferences, employee’s concerns, competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and emerging threats and opportunities to a company’s reputation, brands, products and employees.

“PubSub’s service is a natural complement to Cymfony’s market intelligence and media analysis solutions,” said Andrew Bernstein, CEO of Cymfony. “PubSub’s technology will provide highly specific and timely information from blogs and other forms of consumer-generated media that will allow organizations to seize opportunities, create a competitive advantage or mitigate potential damaging situations before they become crises.”

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“This joint effort with Cymfony will not only increase awareness of PubSub’s prospective search technology, but will take PubSub’s mission in reaching PR and marketing professionals to the next level,” said Salim Ismail, Chairman and co-founder of PubSub Concepts, Inc.

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