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Pursue the Passion 2007 Hit the Road July1

Pursue the Passion 2007 Hit the Road July1

An Interview with Brett Farmiloe

This is the story behind the story of the eBook that hasn’t happened yet. Brett Farmiloe and two friends are Pursue the Passion. The past few months they have gathered sponsorship, developed a following of blogger fans and support to hit the road again.

I got to know Brett a few weeks ago when he asked to guest post about Pursue the Passion on Successful Blog. We’ve had several conversations and emails since that day.

The team left Phoenix yesterday in a fully-wrapped RV for a 90-day trip to interview Americans about their passion at work. I was able to catch an interview with Brett before they hit the road. I’ll let Brett tell the story from here.

So, Brett, why are you going? What will this trip accomplish?

Half of the American work force is not satisfied with their job. Only a fifth say they have a passion for what they do. My goal with Pursue the Passion is to change all that.

I believe that people will draw inspiration from our cross country roadtrip. I believe people who do not have the time to investigate how others have found their passion will benefit from the information we gather and make available.

To be the source of that inspiration and guidance while traveling the country in a gigantic RV for ninety days with three friends is simply a dream.

Transportation, accommodation, interviews . . . so many details — Who are your comrades in this pursuit of passion?

I have some very special guys that are helping make this trip possible. James Whiting has an unbelievable talent and passion for multimedia, so he will be filming and uploading video of the tour to our site so people can feel like they are a part of the journey. Noah Pollock is a gifted writer who will be providing written summaries of the interviews we conduct. Zach Hubbell quit his corporate auditing position two weeks before the trip started so he could serve as our utility player…which means he does everything from finding people to have lunch with to distinguishing the difference between the gray and black tanks on the RV. And then we’ve got Arvydis Sabonis, which is our 30 foot RV.

Pursue the Passion RV

Can you give a short description of how the trip will work?

The four of us travel around in a gigantic thirty foot RV to interview people who love their work. We ask interviewees how they developed a passion for their profession, and for any advice they would give to people seeking to find their calling in life. We then make this information available on our website for others to glean guidance from.

What sort of support did you get from what corners of the universe? How did bloggers help?

The saying goes that when you want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it. That has definitely been true for us as we have been getting an unbelievable amount of support for taking a risk and pursuing our passion.

The central reason we’ve had success in our pursuit is blogging. The power of blogging is something that most people don’t understand, and it was something I definitely didn’t understand it until three months ago when I started blogging on our site. Bloggers from all over the country soon found out about our trip and conspired to help us in any way they could. They offered couches to crash on, lunch, interview referrals, advice, and were willing to spread the message.

Amazing stuff.

From your experience, how does blogger passion for life and work stack up to that of other folks you encounter?

Blogging is tough, and I don’t think that it can be done without passion. The bloggers I’ve had interactions with are not just passionate about blogging, but are passionate about life in general. That is the connection that I make between bloggers and the people I’ve interviewed. They both have so much enthusiasm that their passion overflows in to other things, like helping a couple college grads out with a 90 day roadtrip.

And we are looking for bloggers to interview on the trip, so if you’re passionate, submit your story at Pursue the Passion Submit a Story.

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What have you learned in putting together this year’s trip compared to last year’s trip?

That anything is possible. I have no fear when I cold call Mayor Villaraigosa’s office, or when I have a meeting with the CEO of one of our sponsors. Anything is possible if you bring down the imaginary obstacles people tend to set for themselves.

I bet 90 days will go fast, what journey will you be starting on that day 91?

The 91st day will consist of mostly sleep, but after that I have big plans. The journey that starts at the conclusion of the 2007 tour is creating an interactive program that offers students the opportunity to conduct their own Pursue the Passion interviews with leaders in the local community. We are also looking to use the footage we gather for a documentary, and I have plans to write a book for people in search of their passion.

If you could have everyone quote you word for word, coast to coast, what would you say?

Pursue the Passion.

Well said, Brett. Well said.

Follow their journey at Pursue the Passion.

The Team of Pursue the Passion
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  • Good luck to all on this exciting endeavor. Having hit the road in 1996 on a similar RV trip, and turning 6 months into 11 years on the road, you never know where this amazing experience will take you! Go for it!

  • I know the truth, so I gave a hearty “bon voyage” because I know that the best stories come from adversity, not a “good trip”. :D And I’m jealous. I sure wish we’d started out our travels in such luxury. Love the motor home!

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