Rocketboom sucks…sort of

Given I’m using the word sucks today (hey, only a few more days till settlement on The Blog Herald) I though I might share this thought: I think Rocketboom sucks… sort of. I’ve subscribed to it in the past using my Windows XP Media Center Edition box (which is plugged into the main TV) and although I found it occasionally funny, I mostly found it pretty stupid. So there :-)

But why sort of? because I love the idea behind it, that anyone can now broadcast and be watched. I think the fact that Rocketboom auctioned off its ad space on eBay on the condition that they produced the ad as brilliant. I love the fact that Rocketboom is leading the way in and encoraging others to do this sort of thing. It’s just a shame I don’t enjoy the content that much.

Every year for the past 2 years I’ve read that video blogging is going to be the next big thing. 2006 might be that year and we’ll have Rocketboom to thank for it.

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  • The fact that is does suck is what makes video blogging so interesting. Imagine if it didn’t?

    AOL Kool-Aid drinker J-Cal will be rolling video out on some of his blogs. If that doesn’t mean video blogs are about to be ubiquitous nothing does…

  • We just kicked off our video podcast (The Bleeding Edge – focusing on tech and gadgets), which I think is growing in quality by leaps and bounds with each episode. I agree with Doncan here – RocketBoom sucks, but only kind of ;) I do chuckle at it every now and then, but mostly I find it corny.

  • Shouldn’t it be ‘Sort of’ not ‘Sort off”

    Oh, and another mistake here;

    ‘I though I might share this thought’

    I’m sure you can figure it out!

    Sorry for being a grammar nazi, it just bugs me.

  • I don’t see how this crapola RocketBoom site can make any money for their
    advertisers if they ban everyone’s IP address. Rocketboom sucks.
    They block IP addresses.

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