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Rowse acknowledged properly by the Australian media at long bloody last

Rowse acknowledged properly by the Australian media at long bloody last

Australia’s own Problogging champion Darren Rowse has at long last been acknowledged by the Australian media, who for too long seemed to follow the Steve Rubel version of a blogosphere that only extends to the United States border and that the only Australian blogging is Tim Blair. The Fairfax articles can be read in the SMH and The Age. Congrats to Darren.

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  • Good article in The Age/SMH. More info than The Australian one earlier. When are you going to hit the headlines, Duncan? Don’t keep your light under a bushel. :-)

  • thanks Duncan – appreciate the congratulations. Now hopefully the circus that was this week dies down and I can just get back to some blogging again!

  • Hear, hear, hear … Indeed, Darren has been the best virtual Ambassador for Australia.

    PS: Sadly, Down Under is also a little hyperlinked bad news:

    Judge: MP3 site, ISP breached copyright
    It took almost two years but major record labels in Australia have finally won a legal battle against a Queensland man and his Internet Service Provider for alleged music piracy
    Major record labels are celebrating in Sydney, Australia today. Amazingly, Stephen Cooper didn’t even have to host the alleged pirated files. All he did (allegedly) was to hyperlink to a few sites that had infringing sound recordings. His ISP didn’t escape either. Even the ISP’s parent company got sued. No jail time but all parties will have to pay costs
    Federal Court Justice Brian Tamberlin

  • 2 comments, John, I’ve spoken to a few Australian journalists, most of whom presumed I was American and were shocked to find I live in country Western Australia, I’ve been quoted once but basically in Australia if you don’t live in the golden triangle of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, most of the time they’re not really interested. Australia also suffers badly from a lack of print press as basically News Corp dominates the market, all the more strangely is our media ownership laws that provent foreign companies opening up new newspapers (they knocked back a company in Adelaide recently) despite the fact News Corp is now domiciled in Delaware.

    Jozef, see my comments over at the Search Engine Herald. Apparently just linking to a site that may host illegal content is a criminal offense here now. Cant wait until they sue Google and Yahoo! :)

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