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Rowse slams Malaysian blogger over content theft

Rowse slams Malaysian blogger over content theft

Dzulhelmi Jumat of 1, Jln Mufakat, Kg Melayu Majidi, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (phone and email available here), the rath of god, or in this case somebody who is formally qualified to represent god, is about to decend on you!

Darren Rowse over at Problogger has done something he often holds back from doing, at that’s something that perhaps sometimes I do to often: he’s gone on a rant with Introducing a Shoddy Blogger and singled out Mr Jumat’s blog: Tips for Bloggers (rel=nofollow used) as stealing content.

I’d note Darren has held back from naming Jumat, but I’m not one for holding back.

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  • Why is it everytime we Malaysians make headlines on blogging its always not a good thing? As a Malaysian myself, I’m really sorry for idiots like this.

  • These people are not worth the minute spent typing in their link. If they have to steal content ~ and what happened to the indefinite article? ~ they won’t be able to retain reputation or sustain the effort. I’ve had people take my own content. In the end I put up a notice, in effect : TAKE THE LOT. IT’S YOURS. I’ve had to take it down because there are problems with certain types of linkage and duplicate content. But, if I were Darren, I’d ignore it. Most people know the genuine article when they see it.

  • Because, Edrei, Malaysians are pirates. Content pirates, music pirates, movie pirates, and even high-sea pirates. Arrrrr.

    Folks, do what I do: ban all access from Malaysian ISPs to your websites. It’s the simplest cleanest solution. I’ve been doing it for ages because I’d get trolls from there and no worthwhile visitors. It was the best thing I ever did.

  • Hmm Tim I should ignore you. That isn’t very professional comment online especially… as a Malaysian myself I find it very offensive to be called a pirate when I do nothing of the sort. I could actually go into a whole list of things to say about certain nationalities but why stoop that low, besides name calling gets nothing achieved. It’s one thing single out one person for their own actions its another thing to paint a whole group of people with the same brush just because they happen to be of the same ‘kind’

  • Mr Tim Yang. I take offence from your post. I am a Malaysian Uni of London Law grad working in a Fortune 500 Global Oil and Gas company and I am not a pirate. Branding all Malaysians to that tune is blasphemy @@! Stop making general and sweeping statements !

  • hey…its already a public statement at the site..he’s newbie actually…and after caught by darren now he see the true method of credited people…not all the content is taken from other site…but e dont know the correct way to credit author….hmm, moral of the story, dont test the site online…you never know the true power of the internet…

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