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RSS finally taking off, thanks to IE7 and Firefox?

RSS finally taking off, thanks to IE7 and Firefox?

Actually, that question is stolen from Connected Internet. Apparently that blog in question has observed how the feed usage has changed over the last 30 days, and pins the changes it down to the launch of Internet Explorer 7 and/or Firefox 2.0.

Now, I don’€™t have access to The Blog Herald feed so I’€™ll have to stick with what I do have. Feedburner says that 60% of the feed subscribers over at Bloggertalks are using Firefox Live Bookmarks. Internet Explorer 7 doesn’€™t show up at all, but it should be included in the 14% that read the Bloggertalks feed via ‘€œOther Readers’€?. The second biggest feed reader that is actually identified is Bloglines, with 7%, while the rest is dished out over a bunch of smaller readers, like Google Reader and Flock My News.

Maybe Matt can follow up on this with some reader stats from The Blog Herald?

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