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Rumor: Google To Purchase Feedburner For $100 Million?

Rumor: Google To Purchase Feedburner For $100 Million?

Whether you love them or hate them, rumors are abounding on whether or not the search engine giant is considering purchasing Feedburner, which helps bloggers large and small track the number of users reading their sites.

While some are proposing Google is interested in Feedburner to help aid in their never ending war against spammers, others think the real reason lies in the pot of gold at the other end of the RSS rainbow.

(Vecosys) If true this deal makes a lot of sense for both parties. Today many of us predominately read blogs via our RSS readers and thus never actually visit the original blog source and/or see the sites supporting adverts.

So RSS has effectively eliminated the potential value of AdSense and DoubleClick because the majority of people never view them. This is already hurting publishers who rely heavily on the income generated by people watching or clicking on adverts.

Therefore I think it would be a smart move by Google to acquire FeedBurner, simply because Google could then start to serve their own ads (Adsense or DoubleClick) into the RSS stream.

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According to Sam Sethi of, Google has made no official announcement regarding the deal due to the delay of their Doubleclick acquisition which is making some people nervous.

Although this purchase would complement Google (and probably be another setback for their competitors) one has to wonder if the future of the internet (and perhaps web 2.0 itself) will begin to take on a more “borg like” tint. If Google (and others) continue to assimilate the best of the web, users may have to decide between placing all of their info either with the three internet giants, or a fourth rate party.

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