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Russians win with new Adsense changes

Russians win with new Adsense changes

Russians (and Hungarians) are the big winners with changes announced by Google for the Google Adsense program overnight.

Bloggers in Vladivostok and Budapest will no longer need to struggle with English, as Adsense will now be available in Russian and Hungarian.

On a more serious note though, the new changes were only minor but included some nice features including the ability to view ad statics by page or ad unit and the removal of the previous 2 day delay on channel statistics that will welcomed by many running multiple blogs.

Full details from Google here.

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  • Thanks for bringing that up, might have missed that! Finally, channels in real time – the quest has an end!

    At the moment with daylight saving tgimes I have to wait at 10am instead of 9am to look into my stats … ;o)

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