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Scoble suffers relevance deprivation syndrome over Alaskan Airlines emergency

Scoble suffers relevance deprivation syndrome over Alaskan Airlines emergency

If ever there was a case of relevance deprivation syndrome, and a really, really pathetic and sad one at that, its Robert Scoble, who instead of pointing out that a Jeremy Hermanns, one of the chaps behind Blogebrity, was on the Alaskan Airlines plane that had the emergency landing and blogged about it with pictures, he refers to the incident by saying….

I’€™ve been on that plane
Damn, I’€™ve been on the Alaska Airlines flight that lost pressurization.

and then can’t even use his Microsoft fattened fingures to actually type Jeremy’s name, writing of him only as a “citizen journalist ”

That’s right folks, in Scoble’s world the fact he’s been on a plane in the past that was in an emergency is far, far, far more important than the actual incident or the name of the blogger on board.

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Sorry folks…this is seriously f*cked. Scolbe should be bloody ashamed of himself…but of course he won’t be, because the “conversation” of blogs that is so important to him is only important if it revolves around him. If I’m wrong, tell me, but since if the fact that Scoble was once on a plane that was in an emergency is MORE important that the blogger onboard and all the people who could have lost their lives, then something is seriously wrong….

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  • Duncan you sound like me dude. Thanks for adding snarkiness while Im rebooting. Funny stuff. Dude do you need some cash for a new server? Can I sponsor your server just so I can get on it everyonce in awhile?

    And man can you answer that weblogempire email?

  • No, you aren’t wrong, that was pretty tacky. I caught that in his post and debated whether or not to bring that to his attention in his comments and decided to take the high road. In retrospect, I wish I’d called him out on it like you have done here, Duncan. Hopefully he will make a retraction or follow-up post and apologize to the people who, in fact, really were on the plane.

  • er, and unrelated, but in case you guys haven’t noticed, the timestamps for comments are messed up. They read:

    December 29th, 2005 at 29 December 05


  • Ive noticed Scoble’s opinion of himself getting bigger and bigger. Tipping point was how he raged about RSS providers that did not provide the complete feed.

    Its either his way or no way.

  • Let’s see, I post several times a day and one post comes up short. I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

    Khel: it’s not about me. I hear this from tons of other people that partial text feeds piss them off. And, anyway, what good is a soapbox if you can’t get on it and rant once in a while?

    I guess it’s OK to use a soapbox to call people names, though.

    I guess you’ve never gone by an accident and thought to yourself “that could have been me?” Oh, well, now you know I’m not as good as the rest of you. Hope that makes you feel better.

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