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Scoble unsubscribes from himself

Scoble unsubscribes from himself

I’ve been stewing over the best way to report this one for nearly 24 hours, so I’m not: just read’s post here, and see Robert Scoble’s comments below. Got to say, for all Scoble’s reactionary comment and defensiveness lately, I think is ability to self introspect after Jeremy’s post really shows the amazing calibre of the person that he is. We all hope the old Scoble will return after the week off, and I promise I’ll encourage Jeremy to resubscribe when you get back Scoble.

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  • I’d endorse that, Duncan. You can’t really blame him though, some of the comments over at Scobleizer have been totally out of order and invariably anonomous. My advice to Robert Scoble is to adopt the WeblogsInc system of requiring a confirmatory click on an email to have a comment published. There’s no censorship involved, just a link back to the commenter. Given the nature of his blog, he’s like a turkey standing on the parapet. The man even publishes his cell phone number. God knows what calls he gets on that.

  • Shane, your crazy or your RSS subs aint working. He posted yesterday. N mallory, describing the A List…….I’ll have to leave it for another day :-)

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