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Scott Karp Joins The Blog Herald!

Scott Karp Joins The Blog Herald!

I am very proud to announce that Scott Karp, a blogger better known for his work over at has joined the Blog Herald as a weekly columnist. I have been a tremendous fan of his work at for quite some time. Scott never fails to bring crisp thoughts and sharp writing to his own brand of particularly insightful thoughts and commentary on media and digital technology.

A the Blog Herald Scott will bring us a little of his knowledge and insight into these areas of interest that will dominate the memes of today and tomorrow.

This week, Scott’s first article delves into the economics of content and attention, hinging on the issue of choice when web2.0 outfits “sharecrop” the Long Tail.

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Welcome to the Blog Herald, Scott! Its a genuine pleasure to have you on board. ;)

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  • I have been reading Scott posts for quiet a while. He is a great writer and thinker. Scott will surely inject a new lease of life in Blog Herald.

    Great catch Blog Herald… :)

  • Another one.. Andy Merret. Great!
    You guys are doing a great job.

    From number of days I am hearing a lot of criticism from Blogherald from various Industry pundits, including Nick Wilson. One of the other criticism was that Blog Herald was fast becoming an eco-chamber for few names.

    But with inclusion of writer like Scott and Andy, I am sure we are going to read some great coverage of new media and blogosphere.

    One thing I also want to suggest is get hold of a guy who can give a good rant once in while like Prince Campbell or Martin Neuman. These guys had a natural ability to get lots of people engage in conversations.

    But overall Blog herald is going the right way.

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