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Seekport launches dedicated European blog search

Seekport launches dedicated European blog search

European search engine Seekport ( has launched a new blog search feature, the first dedicated European blog search.

Blog search results are indicated with an icon in the Seekport interface and users can narrow their search to one of 11 categories, including computing; cars and motoring; travel and holidays; government and politics; and business and finance.

Every hour, especially active blogs are indexed at and sorted by relevance and when they were last updated. Seekport provides easy access to British, German, French, Spanish and Italian blogs.

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‘€œWithout an easy way to search blogs, internet users are missing out on some of the web’€™s richest and most original content,’€? says Joachim Kreibich, managing director for Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH. ‘€œNo other search engine has a comparable, language-specific blog search to offer.’€?

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