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Serious Magic not so serious about blogs

Serious Magic not so serious about blogs

In a press release today, Folsom, California company Serious Magic, Inc announced Vlog It!, billed as the ” first PC video-creation software designed specifically to help users create a video blog”.

Remarkably, in what must be one of the worst bungles of a press release for CES 2005, the release went on to say that the product was targeted “to the over half-million bloggers in the world today”. My god, its 2002 again.

Serious Magic Venture Capitalists, guess what, the morons running your company cant even put an accurate figure on their potential market, which fortunately for you is a positive, as they need to increase the figure to atleast 10 million.

To Serious Magic, unless your selling a time machine, its 2005. We hope the product is better that your ability to count.

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  • Bwhaahaahhaaa. Fawking jokers inventing products in the ether hoping someone buys into their “magic”. Give it up boys, you peaked in 1992 with the Toaster. Take Business 101 and learn to research and bring to market something that someone finds of value. Just you saying “it’s cool” does not a go-to-market strategey make. Loooooooosaaaahhs!

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