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Sharing the Blog Love: Bloglines

Sharing the Blog Love: Bloglines

blog loveI was just reading a comment at my post in relation to Bloglines admitting server problems and it struck me as I was typing my comment in response. I really love Bloglines. I bring up 3 things first thing in the morning when I fire up Firefox: GMail, Bloglines, and the Admin panel for the Blog Herald. Every morning, every day. Now in the past Bloglines has had their problems, and I even looked at changing to another service a while back, but I just couldn’t find anything to match it, and as I wrote in the post about Bloglines saying they’ve got problems, I hadn’t noticed them at all. Its the mark of a great company and group of people who admit, upfront, to problems they are experiencing, as opposed to the example of others (no names) who only respond once they’ve been criticized. But the more I think about it, the more I couldn’t do without Bloglines. Would I pay for it? honestly as long as it wasn’t a huge amount (say a set $10-$20 per year) I probably would as well. So in a time where the blogosphere is racked by criticism, infighting and nastiness, I’m launching a Sharing the Blog Love category here at the Blog Herald, where we’ll seek to highlight companies (mainly blogging related) who we love and who we don’t tell enough that we love. Sure, it’s a bit corny, and JOAB will laugh his head off when he reads this, but it can’t hurt to start providing praise to those companies and service providers that we so regularly use and rely upon, and yet the hard working employees at each company don’t know how much we really do appreciate their work and effort. So please feel free to add your comments here about Bloglines if you are a Bloglines user (and about 1/3 of all RSS users are), tell the Bloglines team why you like them, and that you appreciate them, and if you’ve got a suggestion for a future Sharing the Blog Love drop me an email at [email protected] with “Sharing the Blog Love” in the subject line.

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  • I would have liked to have read this post, but the annoying ad that resembled a Windows dialog box kept moving around in my peripheral vision and made it impossible.

    Just FYI

  • Yeah, I’ve been reading some other responses to Bloglines ills (Ed Bott for one), and while it seems others have really had it with Bloglines, I can’t say the same for me. It was nice when you actually got a response back from somebody when you sent in a problem report. I haven’t heard back yet from the last three that I posted, and that was awhile ago.

    I certainly haven’t lost my patience with Bloglines. And yes, I’d probably spend a small amount per year to keep it as well. I’ve grown accustomed to the way it works, even if I can’t ever seem to get the number of unread articles down to zero. 780 feeds I guess will do that to you. Sigh. It is definately the site that gets the most use during the day.

  • this is indeed to be a great revolution in the blogging world . blogs rules nowadays .. more and webmasters using them .. blog news are even better now ..

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