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SharpReader gets the thumbs up

SharpReader gets the thumbs up

With all the RSS hype in the blogosphere its hard to find a rss reader of note that costs nothing. Critics may say that payment for product is only a fair process but in the era of free the lack of free, quality RSS readers can only hinder groeth in the sector. And then we discovered SharpReader from Luke Hutteman.

SharpReader is an RSS Aggregator based on the .NET framework which provides stable, accurate RSS reading with out the cost of other packages such as NewGator.

Whilst of no use to Mac users or those using earlier versions of Windows, and even then for many requiring download of .NET support plugins for Windows, SharpReader just feels better than competitor Feedreader: a subjective statement for sure however it times quicker and runs more smoothly that our testing of Feedreader.

Undoubtedly Feedreader users will think differently. Post your comment here on your favourite reader.

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  • Undoubtably I’m biased, but I think our aggregator Bloglines, at has several advantages over both SharpReader and Feedreader. We’re a service, so there’s no need to download anything. That also means that you can access your account from any ‘net connected machine. And because we fetch a feed only once per iteration, regardless of how many subscribers there are, we save publishers bandwidth.

    We just launched, so we’re trying to spread the word.

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