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Shiny launches fashion forum for fashionistas

Shiny launches fashion forum for fashionistas

Shiny Media, who recently launched the football (soccer to you non-believers) blog Who Ate All the Pies, recently opened up their fashion forums. The forums are an addendum to all the Shiny women’€™s sites, according to the launch post at girly gadget blog Shiny Shiny.

It’€™s always interesting to see what happens when you add a discussion forum to a comment-enabled blog. Usually I’€™d say it’€™s a pretty bad idea, but since Shiny Media seems to use the forums to link their women’€™s sites together it might just work.

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  • I know I find it a little odd too. But we were geting so many requests from readers that we caved in and have given it a go. It is already driving traffic to the blogs so it appears to be working in that capacity.

    Cheers for the plug


  • It’ll be interesting to follow the activities on the forum. Generally I think forums are a great idea, but as I wrote in the post it’s always a gamble when it comes to blogs.

    Good luck to you!

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