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Should SEO Be Taught in Schools?

Should SEO Be Taught in Schools?

Depending on what degree a certain person might be trying to obtain, it might actually be in the best interest of a person to skip college and go right into starting their own business or making it the hard way – working.

There are some types of degrees you absolutely have to go to college for. You cannot become a doctor or a plastic surgeon without going to school (at least in the way our world is operated now). And you more than likely cannot be a chemical or electrical engineer without going to school either. However our school system was based on a system that was created many, many years ago – and it may perhaps be entirely outdated.

Should SEO be taught in schools?

Could you imagine how many more Internet startups there would be if they taught it in high school to teenagers? You would have 14-18 year old kids cranking out affiliate gateways, blogs, and providing SEO services everyday after school at 3 p.m. The SEO industry would be flooded within the matter of a semester or two of teaching it and the competition on the web would skyrocket.

This is a big reason why many do not think that SEO should be taught in school. But there are obviously better reasons for it to not be taught in school rather than the fear of kids taking over the Internet. One of the biggest reasons is that nobody really knows how long SEO will be around for. Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam leader, has said in one of his many videos that he believes that white hat SEO will be around in the next 5 years and even though he would probably be one of the best people to ask, it is more that likely that he still doesn’t know the absolute answer to that question.

Side Note: That being said, the SEO pioneers were building links before search engines ever even recognized them as a way to rank websites, and for that reason there will probably always be the need for a white label link building service.

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Another reason is that, even if it is around – for even the next 100 years – there are so many different changes in SEO each and every year that you would never be able to teach the same thing every single semester! Google, makes an algorithm change at least once a day, and over 400 times a year. You would need a new textbook each and every month.

So for now teaching SEO will have to be like it was in the olden days. If you were going to be a blacksmith, a scientist, a philosopher, or a doctor, you went into apprenticeship. You were taught by someone that already new the tricks of the trade, and that had been there and done it. You learned in a hands-on environment, and from the experience of actually doing it instead of just reading about it, and without enormous debt from student loans – which is the way our whole education system should be today anyways.

Guest Bio: This article was written by Anthony Benedict. His day job includes helping to maintain a website that runs as white label link building service at It is both inexpensive and effective. He enjoys writing articles about SEO and entrepreneurship.

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  • He may use it to write a case study that would be a reasonable issue for the next few generations of students as modern process is influenced by all fields of social life as well as science.

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