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Should We Stop Using Ajax?

Should We Stop Using Ajax?

I have no idea who this Brothercake is, but he has submitted a pretty interesting piece titled Stop using Ajax! to the Opera Developer Community. It’s lengthy post, and he finishes it by summing it up like this:

  1. I’m not saying Ajax is bad, I’m saying it’s immature
  2. 2. I’m not saying never use Ajax, I’m saying don’t use it for the sake of it, and try to avoid it for now, instead sticking to accessible alternatives

Like all new technologies it’s easy to get caught up in them. It’s an interesting post, I advice you to check it out if you’re a web developer, or just plain curious.

Lots of blogs are using ajax, most via plugins to add cool functionality. The admin interfaces are full with these things. Should we stop using ajax?

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  • His final summation:

    “But what if everyone thought like that? What would happen to that 10% who suddenly found the web to be a place in which they’re no longer welcome? Who found that technology – the ultimate enabler – had become just another barrier?”

    I don’t agree. There will always be people left out. Do we stop progress because of this? NO!!

    Look at the mess that is Microsoft Vista. Instead being able to create a totally modern OS, Microsoft’s insistance on supporting older legacy application is causing headaches for it’s current users.

    You either adapt to progress or you get left behind. It’s that simple!

  • The technology behind AJAX is not new. What the person is saying is that our (web developers) usage of this technology is immature, as well as the understanding of creating an accessible web site for those who have disabilities and need screen readers or other applications to browse the web.

    I will point out that most don’t really design/develop for those with health conditions which inhibit surfing the web to its fullest capacity.

    We should not stop using AJAX, just implement techniques which do not hinder those that have special requirements for viewing web pages. There exists documentation that furthers the understanding, but isn’t fully broadcast just yet.

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