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Six Apart Announces Integration of MT/ TypePad into Adobe GoLive CS2

Six Apart Announces Integration of MT/ TypePad into Adobe GoLive CS2

SixApart has announced that creation of and access to Movable Type and TypePad blogs will be integrated into the next version of Adobe’s web authoring software GoLive.

GoLive CS2 will include a set of visual tools that lets web designers easily create and update MT and TypePad templates from within the GoLive design environment.

“Adobe GoLive CS2 is a leading development platform for architecting Web and mobile experiences,” said George Arriola, senior product manager for mobile and pervasive publishing at Adobe. “As weblogging has become part of the communication mainstream, and companies are increasingly demanding that their web presence include weblogs, we wanted to make sure our website creation software incorporated the best possible tools to support weblogging. Our joint development work with Six Apart will make it easier for designers to meet their clients’ weblogging expectations.”

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  • It’s really amazing how big SixApart has become. They are right behind Google’s Blogger service, while WordPress is somewhere in third I guess. But I don’t ever see Adobe (or any large software company) having a partnership with an open source project such as WordPress. Sometimes I wonder if I will switch back to MT, despite their slighty tarnished reputation since they went corporate.

  • Xanga has millions of users, BlogWare/BlogHarbor has thousands, AOL has a blog tool, MSN has Spaces, Yahoo has 360, and any one of those is bigger than WP. WP is great, but there’s probbly a long way to go to the top 10.

  • I’ll try to clarify this a little, MSN, AOL, Xanga, Yahoo, LiveJournal etc are all blog hosts that provide basic blogging services but don’t offer immediate access to script and aren’t really designed for having your own URL and host. WordPress, MT, serendipity to name but a few are stand alone blogware prouducts that can be used with your own URL and host (DIY market). They are two seperate markets. Absolutely AOL, MSN etc dominate in terms of numbers, although no one really knows what those numbers are. In the DIY market figures I’ve seen indicate MT is ahead of WordPress but the gap is closing. The more important end of the market, in terms of money and influence, is in the DIY market, with corporate and power users wanting to have more control than say a Sally Smith, aged 14 with her Xanga blog.

    SixApart is unique in that it is both a blog host and blogware provider. TypePad is where the main money is for them, and MT brings it some more as well. What this deal does is deliver their blogware and hosting services to the desktops of potenially millions of web designers worldwide, which is a brilliant move in a market (web design software) that isn’t all that blog friendly at the moment.

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