SixApart compensates users for recent TypePad problems

TypePad CEO Barak Berkowitz has announced that all TypePad customers will be credited with 1 free weeks blog hosting as compensation for the recent outage of the service.

Writes Berkowitz:

We know that our customers rely on us and expect to receive superior service and performance. Friday last week we didn’€™t provide that kind of experience, and as a result we will be crediting all active TypePad members with one free week of service. We will apply this to your account by extending your next payment due date by seven days. Customers billed monthly will receive this extension in January; customers billed on an annual basis will have the extension applied to their next billing date.

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  • Does this strike you as nickel and diming?

    I wonder why the decision was made to make it 7 days as opposed to a month free? With all the issues the service has caused you would think it’d be better to give more than less.

    I know, it’s one week of revenue missing instead of a month.

    I wonder how many man hours their customers have spent dealing with the outages?

  • Hmm, seems SixApart has a touch of Scrooge in them just in time for the holidays. The standard compensation for an outage of this magnitude would be a month of free service. But I guess with all of their outages, they can’t make offers like that without going broke.

  • “The standard compensation for an outage of this magnitude would be a month of free service. ”

    Just curious, what measure are you using for this? I’ve looked at the sites of other services that have had downtime recently, including, bloglines,, and (which charges its users) and haven’t seen any kind of consensus. I’d love any feedback you can offer as to what you’re using to compare.

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