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SixApart launches Affiliate Program

SixApart launches Affiliate Program

Anil Dash at SixApart has announced the launch of the SixApart affiliate program with bloggers able to earn the following on referring new users to the company:
* Movable Type: 10% per license (earn up to $129)
* TypePad: $3 per trial subscriber
* LiveJournal: 20% per paid subscription (earn up to $5)

The affiliate program is being run through Commission Junction, and can be joined here at SixApart or directly through Commission Junction. Acceptance to the program is automatic and not subject to review (at least for existing CJ members).

It’s great to see things changing at SixApart and allowing SA product users and others to share in the growth of the company through an affiliate program is a definite step in the right direction. Congrats to Anil on a mighty fine idea.

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  • Thanks for the praise… one of the main reasons we’ve wanted to build an economy around our tools is so we can share the opportunity to make money. Although I’ll admit it’s taken us longer than I’d like it to have, we’re just glad to have a place to start from.

    Let me know if I can provide any other info… might make a helpful addition to some of your guides about how people can get the most out of their blogs, since it could be as simple as replacing a “powered by mt” link with an affiliate link.

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