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SixApart moves on rel=”nofollow”

SixApart moves on rel=”nofollow”

Ben Trott has announced that SixApart is moving quickly on adopting rel=”nofollow”.
TypePad subscribers are expected to have automatic implementation of the tag in the next 24 hours.
For Movable Type users, SixApart is offering a plugin (here) for using the attribute, and in a positive move, the plugin works on v2.661 and v3 releases of the product.
It is not clear yet whether future updates of the MT platform will include the attribute as standard.
LiveJournal sites will also have use of the attribute for comments for non-friends, but the time frame was unspecified.

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  • My blogs do not allow comments to include HTML. That has not stopped spammers from posting lists of URLs. While the nofollow tag might help in thwarting incentive, my own experience suggests that the spammers will still do their stuff. I’ve posted a message to spammers next to my comments submit button telling them that their comment will be deleted withing 15 minutes. I do delete them that fast. They keep coming in. I have recently begun forwarding all of the email notifiactions I get to the hosting company for the spammers’ blogs. I supect that all that will happen is that the hosts will quit accepting my email.

  • I agree that this measure will not stop comment spam, and they’ll do it anyway, but if and when the tag is so widespread that their efforts are essentially futile, they’ll move on to finding another method of promoting their sites. There has to be a point where its not worth their while anymore (and yes I am an optimist)

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