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SixApart starts blaming customers for service outages

SixApart starts blaming customers for service outages

The frustration at providing a dodgy blog hosting service seems to be getting to SixApart, with employee Anil Dash now blaming customers for their problems. From Association Inc’s comments to a post made by Kevin Holland.

(Anil Dash):

Kevin, given that we haven’€™t heard reports of this problem from anyone else, is it possible that the issue with accessing TypePad sites might be a problem on your end? We’€™ve got millions of visitors successfully accessing the sites today, as we did yesterday when you posted this.

Anil then goes on to attack the competition (that’s the spirit!)

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In addition, given that TypePad has a host of unique features like built-in support for podcasting and videoblogging, drag-and-drop content reordering, checkbox-simple text ads and tip jars, simple screens for managing earnings on your blog, built-in lists for things like books and music, and powerful features like mobogging and photo albums, that anyone interested in any of those features would simply say ‘€œAnything *other* than TypePad doesn’€™t work.’€??

Kevin rightfully points out at Business Blog Consulting that others are still experiencing problems. A simple search of Technorati can also find a lot of other unhappy users….but don’t worry folks if you are having problems, because according to SixApart, its all your fault!

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  • This concernsme as I am considering using the typepad service. It gets my goat when software companies are quick to jump to a “it’s your fault” answer. I do understand that there must be many many poepl out there who have virus and spyware ridden systems that will undoubtably bother many software support techs, knowing it is really not thier fault, and I am sure they see so much of that that it becomes a first line of answers as long as the software works on thier system.
    But this should not be the main answer when it could be many mnay things..
    feel the pain on both sides of the issue..

  • Well my site F1 Prospects.Com is covering the Macau Grand Prix. I have to post the results of the first practice session from this morning but can I access Typepad? No.
    I’ve pretty much hit my limit as to what I can take.

  • Why are you so hell bend on destroying Typepad? Honest reporting is one thing, but try to hide you animosity just a little bit, ok?

  • i think dave is right on this one– you’ve been really hard on six apart recently. expecting good performance from service providers is reasonable– but blogs are exploding this year, and it’s not surprising that some of the big services, including Blogger (with its spam sites and occasional breakdowns) and TypePad (with its slowness this month) are hitting some bumps. But lets be fair– if they are fixing the problem, and offering people a free month of service, then they seem to be doing the right thing– they should get credit for that.

  • Who said they are fixing the problem? I left typepad recently because I was sick and tired of ‘we are fixing the problem’ only to have the same problem day after day after day. I complained every time something went wrong, and no one offered me any free service. Heck, they even made it sound like maybe I was doing something wrong, and wanted me to give them full access to my blog, to post, trackback to a test blog, etc. Blame the user only lasts so long when the service stinks. Make you wonder just how many people will jump ship before they think about that.

  • Hi all:

    I’d be happy to talk to you about your frustrations with TypePad, and if you’d ever like to come back, please let me know and we’ll work something out together.

    Six Apart

  • Sheesh, with all those postings in the last couple days, it looks like the Blog Herald is very happy about SixApart’s problems. Adding insult to injury and all that :-(

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