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SixApart to submit trackback as an Internet Standard

SixApart to submit trackback as an Internet Standard

Byrne writes at the SixApart Professional Network blog that SixApart is going to submit trackback as an Internet Standard. I think this is a good thing, although I’m not technically proficient enough to understand the scripting/ tech behind it. What I would like to see though is WordPress blogs and TypePad/ MT blogs being able to automatically trackback each other. In the case of WordPress to trackback a MT powered blog you’ve got to cut and paste the trackback address in….this of course may have nothing to do with this at all, or it might. Maybe if we get standardised trackback all the various blogging tools will start talking to each other….and the world will be a better place :-)

Update: Matt Mullenweg is supporting the idea…sort of, but he’s saying Pingback is better (and I think he want’s this to be the standard??) . Totally over my head really, you can read more here.

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  • Not sure on the WP side, but Movable Type and TypePad both support what’s called “autodiscovery”. That means it automatically scans the page you’re linking to and sends TrackBacks if needed. Should work on any TrackBack-enabled page that you link to.

    We don’t enable it by default on Movable Type because many of our users are on intranets with private business blogs, and probably don’t want excerpts showing up in public if they link to something on the public web. But it’s just checking a box to turn it on..

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