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SixApart v Google over templates on Blogger

SixApart v Google over templates on Blogger

I was having a look on Chilling Effects today and stumbled across a copyright notice from SixApart to Google over alleged copyright breaches of MovableType templates by users on Blogspot. Given Google gave them the boot I’ve got know idea how close they were but surely given the differences in coding between MT and Blogger means they couldn’t have been the same? Also given that MT templates are often inspired by other systems who has the copyright? Weird…..

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  • Interesting, cause anyone can adapt a template and upload it to their blog at Blogger, Blogsome, or their own domain using MT or WordPress, etc. An individual user could take a template from the MT site and use it on Blogger, if they went to the trouble of adapting it.

    PS- You’ve got a typo up there. Know versus no.

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