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Skype and Kazaa creators takes a swing at the telly?

Skype and Kazaa creators takes a swing at the telly?

Television corporations beware, because the innovating duo behind Kazaa and Skype are gearing up for something according to Dubbed The Venice Project, Niklas Sennström and Janus Friis intend to deliver some sort of peer-to-peer video broadcasting service to give TV shows to the world, apparently.

Kazaa got on the wrong foot with industry bigwigs, but not this time. Sennström and Friis are in negotiations with major corporation, but how those are working out and if indeed they are true is hard to say. claims that an announcement of this new venture could be due as soon as this Fall, which certainly is big news if any.

Will this service affect Youtube or Itunes in any way? How about Google Video? And what will the reactions be ‘€“ at least Skype is getting the smooth treatment in the blogosphere and these guys are going to spin the hype well, that’€™s my bet. It’€™ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

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Update: All is true and due! Om Malik over at GigaOM has an interview with Janus Friis. Check it out! Also, there’s a beta to sign up for.

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