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Skype announces partnership with SixApart

Skype announces partnership with SixApart

VOIP provider Skype has announced a partnership with blogging company SixApart that will see Skype functionality provided to TypePad users.

According to Skype:

Skype has partnered with Six Apart to let users of its TypePad personal blogging service integrate Skype presence into their weblogs. Skype users, who use TypePad for their blogs, can indicate to visitors on their site when they are online, and allow visitors to easily initiate a Skype call right from the Web page.

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In related news Skype has also announced the integration of video support into its latest software. I’ll have to get dressed now before 6am b5media hookups :-)

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  • I don’t understand why such functionality would need to be blog specific… I mean, could this be implemented for any web site similar to online indicators for other IM services?

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