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Smart Home Workout Gear for Bloggers Who Want to Shed Their Quarantine Weight

Smart Home Workout Gear for Bloggers Who Want to Shed Their Quarantine Weight

Bloggers often spend their time facing a computer for long periods at a time. Now that there is a pandemic, we are all forced to put ourselves in isolation and stay within the comforts of our homes. There are benefits and drawbacks to this, of course. Among the benefits include spending more time with family and wasting less time on a lot of things like commutes. However, the worst drawback is we lost a lot of opportunities to detach from work. This may have added stress to our bodies and without movement, we could all easily feel burnout. The lack of physical activities, including walking around the hallways of an office, significantly reduced all our chances to burn calories. Thus, all this quarantine weight.

Now don’t get me wrong. If there is anything we don’t miss during this quarantine, it’s going to the gym to work out. And since the start of the pandemic, nobody really knows when gyms will be fully operational again. Or, if going to the gym to work out will ever be the same again. The good thing is, there are so many home workout gear and ideas that bloggers can do at home.

Check out these home workout gear and ideas for bloggers who want to shed their quarantine weight:


The Mirror Wall Workout Machine

This is one of the smartest workout machines that people could purchase and use anytime. The machine is a double between a mirror and a smart screen. The Mirror could be used for almost any kind of workout – dance, barre, pilates, kettlebell, yoga, and more. There are live instructions and you can enjoy working out with your friends, even online. Not only would you see your posture and form while working out, you can also see your instructor live on the screen.

The best thing about this workout machine is its efficiency when it comes to space. The Mirror is great even in small spaces as it could easily be mounted to a wall, like an ordinary mirror. It boasts of its nearly invisible size and fit inside the home. On top of that, it has a 30-day risk free trial which means that the machine could be returned for replacement in case you are not 100% satisfied. But, with such a smart workout tool, who wouldn’t be satisfied right?

Peloton Bike

For some reason, the Peloton stationary bike became such a trend during the quarantine. Imagine, doing a spin class at home. Peloton classes boast high-quality live streams that you can do with your friends. You can also compete in real-time with others who ride with you – one of the main reasons why many people claim that the workout is addicting. The great thing is, you can also use the Peloton bike even without a subscription.

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Fightcamp Personal

Yes, there is such a thing as a smart boxing workout machine. The Fight Camp has an app that can easily be downloaded to any device. This app has a punch tracker, tutorials, and more. The Fight Camp app can help in creating a good workout plan and routine. Personal packages include the free-standing bag, a heavy workout mat, boxing gloves, wraps, and a bag ring. It could be used for both boxing and kickboxing. It is always fun to do boxing workouts at home.


NordicTrack offers a variety of high-tech and smart exercise machines. They have rowers, treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. Users can choose which machine will best fit their workout style. Fitted with a 22-inch screen, users can download recorded workouts or even join live instructions. You can easily consult with instructors privately for any questions.

Exercising will not only help bloggers shed all the quarantine weight, but it will also give them a good outlet to decompress. Staying active, especially in this pandemic, is very important not only for physical health but overall wellness. Working as a blogger is never easy and sometimes, our busy schedules can get the best of us. So if you’re feeling all that burnout from the endless zoom calls, the daunting deadlines, and tiresome editorial comments, hop on these great workout machines!

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