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So long Sitemeter, and thanks for all the fish!
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  • I wouldn’t hold your breath. I didn’t dispose of FeedDemon when they introduced Google Reader; I would say Technorati is stronger than ever regardless of Google Blog Search and I’d still rather use MSN or Yahoo! Messenger over GoogleTalk.

    Google have some good products, but they can’t be expected to be leaders in the field of everything they produce.

  • Yes, and Urchin was a $900 piece of software with all the bells and whistles, all of which appear to have integrated into Google’s free version. Site Meter will have a VERY tough time unless people care only about pageviews and visits and not other important site info Google/Urchin can provide.

    By the way, what “comments via email” plug in is this?

  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to drop all of the other stats sites yet, we’re not sure how it’ll turn out, and they could be tracking visitor differently so you won’t know where you’re at.

    I’m going to keep them both going and see how it turns out. Look at the analytics site today, it’s almost unresponsive from all of the traffic. You want to wait 10 minutes for one page of stats to load?

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