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Something big planned at 9rules?
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  • Hsien: That’s the second comment in a week you have made about me. You really just don’t like me huh? I have some candycanes left over from Xmas I could send you if that will make it up to you.

    And as for the whole splash page, that wasn’t my idea, but who am I to stop my partners from having their fun. I think it just sets us up for some expectations that we might no be able to fulfill, but that’s just me.

  • Personally I love that most of the folk who slammed us for our pre-marketing are now doing it. Why are they doing it? The same reason we did. It’s FUN to have fun with something you’ve been working on for months.

    Enjoy it! :D

  • Hsien: No worries. I used to hate people all the time as well, but am growing up a little-by-little. If you don’t like something I do I definitely don’t mind having a discussion about it, that’s what the web is for :). As for the comparisons to the b5 boys, well we don’t plan on waiting weeks for this new stuff to launch. It was more like a 24-hour thing.

    And Jeremy stop taking the credit for creating the hype machine. Everyone knows the inventor of the paperclip did it in 1894.

  • Scrivs, I’ve already said this on my personal blog but I just want to emphasize that I DO NOT HATE you. You just get on my nerves sometimes. ;) But, hey, who doesn’t!

  • (Loud whistle interrupts playground brawl)

    Say boys, when y’all get through scrappin’ with one another, could someone please call those fellas over at Google and tell them that Blogger’s gone Blooey again?

    The little people thank you LOL

  • Oh sure, Hsien.

    Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me that Joi Ito is a boy. ~snicker~

    ROTF Christina! ;)

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