Something strange about Bloglines?

Duncan Riley> A general appeal to Bloglines users: have you noticed anything strange about Bloglines recently? There was another brief “database” crash at about 8am US EST yesterday but its the quality of the returns that is starting to worry me. I emailed Darren to ask if everything was ok as there was nothing in my Bloglines account for and to check whether his feed was ok. Darren reports that it is. In isolation it wouldn’t have worried me but I picked up on a Jason Calacanis post at Threadwatch which also didn’t appear in my Bloglines account. Visited Jason’s page, and nearly by accident clicked onto the front page, and there was 2 days worth of posts I that had never appeared in my Bloglines account. My own Weblog Empire site The Gadget Blog (which I’d note is going great at the moment, aside from the threats from sony) is missing posts from within Bloglines as well. The new site, the Windows Vista Weblog, same problem.

Something very odd going on here. I’m like a lot of people in that I depend on Bloglines and if this is more than my imagination I’ll be shopping around for a new service very, very soon.

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  • Bloglines is totally screwy. It bothers me when large-scale systems don’t set them up so they really can’t scale. 1% downtime? Really bad. 1% failures? Really bad. Come on… get it right, guys.

  • I subscribe to about 300 feeds and depend on them tremendously for tips and material for my blogs. It’s one of the reasons I opted for a desktop news reader – possible problems with hosted services could put me way behind on the latest happenings.

  • It’s been worse the last two days. Feeds are coming through very slowly in some cases. I’m thinking about going desktop again, just for that reason plus desktop search.

  • I back up my important blogs with Newsgator and My Yahoo. Sure, Bloglines hasn’t been reliable lately and some sites just drop off completely, and I have to reinstal them. The little Google aggregator on their personalized page is usually first with the feed, followed by Newsgator. Bloglines is building a “world-class blog search service”, but this was promised for “summer” – late again!

  • I do have the same problems and wonder if it is something with feedburner which I use. I will compare the feedburner version and the original one.

  • Same here.

    Which is even more strange – it seems like Bloglines is a bit picky about which blogs do not update. I have two links to the same feed (index.rss was old RSS feed, now I have minty fresh one genereated by WordPress at /feed/ folder). What’s odd – index.rss feed is updated whilst /feed/ not! I don’t feel very well with that, *sigh*

  • You are not alone…I have seen it take anywhere from minutes to hours for websites to update. What pisses me off even more is when something I’ve read shows up as new again because Bloglines farted and decided that I’d never seen that article before.

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