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Sports Lounge LLC launches the Sports Cartel Blog Network

Sports Lounge LLC launches the Sports Cartel Blog Network

Sports Lounge, LLC has announced the launch of the Sports Cartel Blog Network (, a network of sports blogs written by sports fans.

The Sports Cartel Blog Network was launched at the start of the National Football League season with four NFL sites: Eagles Victory (Philadelphia Eagles), Rams Revenge (St. Louis Rams), Bengals Brigade (Cincinnati Bengals) and The Purple Curtain (Baltimore Ravens). Since then, the Sports Cartel has grown to include 15 NFL sites, three Major League Baseball sites, one National Basketball Association site, three National Hockey League sites, two NCAA sports sites, and nine general sports sites.

‘€œI am very pleased and excited to announce the ‘official’ launch of the Sports Cartel Blog Network,’€? President and director of development Stephen Bolen said. ‘€œThe Sports Cartel delivers a unique point of view on team sports ‘€“ and sports in general ‘€“ from the couch, recliner or nosebleed seat of the rabid fan.’€?

‘€œI have the ability to voice my opinion on my favorite sports team to an audience who is eager to listen,’€? said Joe Rizzom, author of Giants Bits (, a New York Giants blog. ‘€œThe Sports Cartel network also allows me to find out what my division opponents are thinking about their teams and our upcoming match-ups ‘€“ you can’€™t find that anywhere else! It’s pretty cool.’€?

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The Sports Cartel is always looking for bloggers who want to get their opinions heard and enjoy the benefits of a blog network. If you are a big fan of sports, you should be a Sports Cartel Blog Network blogger.

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  • Thank you for posting our press release about the Sports Cartel.

    When we were forming our network, this site was a constant source of good, topical information. Thank you for passing along information and articles — we really appreciate it!

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