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Step away from your computer … slowly

Step away from your computer … slowly

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

What is wrong with you people! Well not all people, but a quarter of a million of you folks.

This is insane, it’s so surreal and all so sad. Get outside and get a life. I Am Astounded! People are taking this seriously. Really!

Smell the roses. Get a real friend. Have a drink. Take a walk. Live life. Breathe…

What are you talking about you Dr Gonzo-wannabe? I’m talking about Second Life.

A quick visit to the site and from the front page…

Is Virtual Life Better Than Reality?
“When reality gets hard to take, there’s an escape to a parallel universe ‘€” a virtual world without end where real people create online personas called avatars. Anything is possible.”

I think I am going bonkers if this is the next “it”.

Are you kidding me? But I guess 264,281 “real” users can’t be wrong. So I’m wrong. I think I’ll step away from the computer slowly now and ease myself back into the real world. Care to join me?

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By the Way, my Schmuck of the Week Award goes to … Howard Lindzon. Howie is the Gordon Gekko-type wannabe, me-too commenter and an all-round slurping kool aid drinkin’ type of guy (sorry no link outs). Three cheers to Howie… Schmuck! Schmuck! Schmuck!

You can read more of my rantings at The Blog Columnist…

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  • That’s an interesting site, but I am not sure what it is. However, I just spent the last 6m58s watching “Tour of the Solar System” by someone named Aimee Weber and it seemed kind of interesting. It was in the media pages (click Second Life Videos graphic bottom right). Of course, I can easily get entertained from YouTube and BLOCKO from

  • Hey Hart,

    interesting, Yes … but go deeper into what it really is (a full-on virtual world where people spend hours upon hours at living a pretend life – with all the accessories) and I think it’s weird and totally unhealthy in a mental sense – and this is coming from someone who sways towards weird things.

    I did a few minutes googling Second Life and the words “addicted” “second life crack addict” came up. It’s addictive and totally grabs you from realilty.

    I think I’ll stick to watching The Stephen Colbert clips at YouTube and get away from the computer once in a while.

  • I second that motion, John :-)

    Maybe more of them should go and read your Hemingway Serial and get a feel for real living: places, foods, drinks, physical.

    Makes you wonder how writers like Hemingway and his kind would have gone about their crafts today.

  • Ming – I don’t even want to ask about WoW … a million users, eh! What a useless waste of time and energy.

    BTW, talking about having a life … have checked out your blog – nice art going on there. You’re living it. Kudos and keep it going.

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