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Successful Mommy Bloggers for Inspiration

Successful Mommy Bloggers for Inspiration


“Call a woman a “mommy blogger” and you might as well be slinging mud. The expression, as it is most commonly used, is patronizing at best, derogatory at worst.” – Lauren Apfel, debate editor for Brain, Child Magazine

Being a mother is probably the most difficult job in the world, especially if you have to raise your kids, work, and manage the whole household all at the same time. It is thus not a surprise that mommy blogging has become popular. Not only does it provide an outlet (even therapy) for moms, but it can also be a means of earning money.

We can’t ignore the fact that in some circles, mommy blogging is looked down upon. As the quote from Lauren highlights, the term can be patronizing.

But it doesn’t have to be so. There are many successful mommy bloggers who are to be admired for what they have accomplished, not only in terms of popularity but because of the quality of their writing. If you want to launch your own mommy blog, make sure to look to these successful mommy bloggers for inspiration.

the happy hausfrau


The Happy Hausfrau is a single mom who is raising teenagers on her own. As her quote (from Dorothy Parker) says “What fresh hell is this?”, she has had a tough time of it.

She certainly is not the only woman who has had to take on a divorce lawyer, battle it out in the courts, and raise her children all on her own, but what sets her apart is how she writes about life’s struggles and does not shy away from sensitive issues.

One has to admire The Happy Hausfrau for her tenacity and her courage to share her experiences and people in her life (which some wouldn’t dare share as they may be too personal).

If you want to be inspired, this is the blog for that.

The Full Plate

Another blog all aspiring mommy bloggers ought to draw inspiration from is The Full Plate. This is the blog of a mom of nine, all of them adopted from different countries. Seven of them are international kids and two have special needs.

This mom certainly has a full plate, but she still finds time to further her causes and share insightful and useful pieces in her blog.

From ABCs to ACTs

For mommy bloggers who have learning, homeschooling, and special kids close to their hearts, this blog is such a well of inspiration that you’ll find yourself visiting it as much as you can.

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Amber, the mom behind the blog, is a stay-at-home mom who is dedicated to homeschooling her children, the eldest having autism and sensory processing disorder. As such, her blog is chock full of advice on her these topics, in addition to links to resources that parents who are in the same situation will find useful.

Mama in Heels

successful mommy bloggers for inspiration

In between chores, taking care of the kids, and every thing else a mom has to, the tendency to forget about one’s self is always there. That’s what Mama in Heels focuses on: helping moms find the time and ideas to pamper themselves.

If you’re a mom who makes an effort to not “let yourself go” and wants to encourage other women to do the same, learn from the Mama in Heels.

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