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Syntagma launches blog based on a mountain in India

Syntagma launches blog based on a mountain in India

Syntagma Media has launched the blog Arunachala Spirit, which is based on a mountain in India. Blogger Meenakshi Mammi lives there and is to write about the people, traditions and sacred things from his part of the world. I could very well prove to be an interesting read in the future.

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  • Well spotted Thord. And you’re right, I’ve been a fan of Meenakshi’s writing for a while, so regard it as a coup to set up this very special site. It will be part of our MetaSyntagma stream.

  • It will be very interesting to see where this lands. This kind of überniche blogs is, in a way, a lot more interesting than the average gadget blog. Sure, you won’t see Gizmodo style traffic, but it sure helps with your brandning, John.

    Could very well be a nice little “coup” indeed!

  • We’re now looking at the magazine as a whole rather than individual site traffic numbers. If we can draw in the kind of people who would never visit a geek blog, it gives us a reach beyond the normal demographics of the blogosphere. We’re pushing the envelope out into very specific fields now, such as horsemanship and sailing, mostly upmarket.

    Our Royal and Aristocracy Anecdotes sites draw increasingly large numbers, especially from the USA (80%). And we have a range of big-ticket blogs launching this month.

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