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TCS to Serve as Portal for State of the Union Blog Activity

TCS to Serve as Portal for State of the Union Blog Activity

TechCentralStation is pitching itself as a gateway to bloggers who will be analyzing and commenting on the up coming US State of the Union speech in real time. TCS is aiming to be a “one stop shop” of links to live-bloggers posting their personal views, knowledge and perspectives on their Web sites as the speech unfolds.

“TCS believes that live-blogging is a beneficial and necessary trend,” said Nick Schulz, editor of TCS. “For the first time, viewers will have access to political analysis while the speech is happening, and these bloggers will be linking to other bloggers, enabling the public to gain a far wider range and scope of feedback and analysis than they would find with traditional media.”

“Politically interested Americans watching the president’s State of the Union speech are usually subjected to the post-speech spin and analysis on the networks and cable news channels, as well as the major newspaper coverage the following day. But, the Internet now empowers Americans to take an active part in this process through live-blogging,” continued Schulz.

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“Our goal is to provide our audience with a ‘one stop shop’ of links to live-bloggers offering helpful and interesting commentary, not to mention that this is an excellent opportunity to encourage those unfamiliar with blogs to come visit the site to see what they’re all about,” Shulz added.

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