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Technorati is broken…again

Technorati is broken…again

Just checked my stats from The Blog Herald, I’ve slipped out of the top 200 blogs, and yet its reading no updates for 12 days and the link count is the same it was about 2 weeks ago. Pretty hard to rank a blog when you’re not updating the link count, and yet the overall ranking continues to change. Got to say I’m disappointed Dave Sifry.

Update: just thinking some more, the MSM is basically happy to report Technorati stats as being representative of the entire blogosphere, despite there being 54 million people using MySpace (who have blogs) and Technorati is broken again. Does this mean that not only are a whole pile of people in the mainstream media lazy, they are also relying on flawed stats? I don’t want to Technorati bash because I truly like Technorati, but if I was the polling organisation and my polling was clearly flawed because my systems are broken (again…so it would seem) would I be taken seriously as well???

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  • My humble blog in the same period leapt 10,000 to about 32,000 after being static for a while. I wonder if it is because they operate like Google, as detailed in the recent London Review of Books. Rather than search the web trying to rank it, Google downloads an entire copy and indexes it. Naturally it takes a while to download so Google is ocasionally out of date. This is why Yahoo! sometimes have better search results. I suspect Technorati being a fair bit smaller than Google probably takes a bit longer to download it’s copy of the web.

  • Same here. After the last post here and at Newsome.Org, Dave and Niall got me back up and running, but within a couple of days it broke again.

    Now every new link I get knocks off an old link.

  • Yep…I love Technorati for a lot of things, but the link-count on all of my blogs is usually broken for months at a time.

    It seems funny to me that they can show you what new links you have coming in — and in short order — but they can’t do something as simple as adding those results to your link count.

    I’ll never understand…but I still dig technorati :D

  • Man, my blog has been not updated for 22 days according to Technorati and I hate it. TR used to give me a couple of good hits everyday.

    But that hasn’t affected my rankings I guess.

  • Seems to be a common problem. Two of my blogs haven’t been updated in over 40 days now. I tried clicking their manual ping but that hasn’t made any difference.

    Oh well, really not anything I can do about it.

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